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The New Standard For Server Deployment.

The easiest set-and-forget Game Panel solution. Built from the ground up with speed, security and customization in mind.

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Powerful Features

Discover Powerful Features

All the features you expect + even more.

Admin Preview

Powerful Admin Panel

Manage your Panel with ease, with our Customizable Dashboard, User Management, and more!

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Advanced Server Management

Manage your servers with ease, with our File Manager, Mod Manager, Task Manager, and more!

Node System Info Preview

Increase Productivity

Navigate to anything, from anywhere, with our full site search. Find everything you need in seconds.

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Detailed Node Management

View detailed statistics about your nodes, including CPU, RAM, Disk and Network usage.

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Customer Relations

Ticketing and Live Chat

Keep your customers happy and informed with our Live Chat and Ticketing System. With optional integrations with Discord Webhooks and WHMCS Tickets!

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Tools Customization

Loona Marketplace

Extend your Panel's functionality with our Marketplace, with Custom Themes, Plugins, and more! You can even create your own and publish them to the Marketplace!

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Secure Offsite Backups

Wanting to offer Offsite Backups to your customers but don't have the resources? Loona's Offsite Backup System allows you to offer backups to your customers with the click of a button!.

Developer Tools

Create custom Modpack Managers, Web pages, Cloud Workers & even more in seconds!

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Custom Status Pages

Notify your customers in seconds if something goes wrong! Integrations with Email & Discord

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Subdomain Manager

Easily allocate subdomains to server using Loona's DNS System or Cloudflare.

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Mobile Preview

Extremely Customizable

Our Panel allows you to completely modify everything that gets displayed to your customers

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Improved Backups

Backup locally or to FTP, S3, HTTP and more using our multithreaded backup system!

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Easy setup

Setup in minutes, not hours. With optional migration from WiSP or Pterodactyl.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Explore Features about Loona on our Discord!

Was Loona built with Pterodactyl?

No, Loona has been built completely from the ground up. This allows us to easily add new features suggested by the community!

Is Loona Available yet?

Loona is still in development, but we are trying our hardest to get to a Public Beta within a reasonable timeframe!

Does Loona support Pterodactyl Eggs?

Yes! Loona supports Pterodactyl Eggs. We've even upgraded them with Eggs+

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